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 Here is our class schedule for March. **Please note that Tuesday, March 6th’s class is “To Be Announced” closer to the date.**
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Feb 2018





One Therapy is Drayton Valley’s only yoga studio offering various yoga classes every week all year long! Join us in our gorgeous and tranquil studio, as our instructors teach you how to reduce stress, release the body of toxins, improve circulation, revitalize energy and balance all systems in the body! There is a class for everyone; from very beginner to advanced yogi!

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Restorative Yoga

Restore your energy  and relax the mind. This healing restorative practise offers endless benefits for everyone! In this class we support the body with the use of props to allow the body to naturally and effortlessly release into each asana. Asanas are held  for longer periods of time with gentle transitions in between. By connecting to the breath we are able to introspectively relax deeper into each posture. Modifications are offered for those wanting more or less personal challenge and all levels of experience are encouraged to come!

Revive Yoga

Join us for the joyful practice of yoga. This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath work to increase strength, flexibility and balance. An all levels class with focus on alignment and a balance of energetic and calming postures. Ending with relaxation to invite a sense of peace and tranquility.

Connective Healing

Our new class Connective Healing will be guided by Kelli Resser – RMT, Registered Hypnotherapist/Counselor on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. This class is all about taking mindfulness to a whole new level. Tapping into the subconscious and utilizing all of the healing abilities that you, yourself, already possess. Connecting you back to your authentic true self, releasing all excess energy, unwanted emotion and negative beliefs from both the body and mind. This class will be free for the month of October so join us and explore what the wonderful you has to offer.


All classes are now drop in: $14.00 or you may purchase a 4 class Punch Pass for $56 - 30 day expiry.

**Please Note: All Current Yoga 10 class Punch Passes will expire January 1st, 2018**

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Summer 2017 Yoga

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Our instructors show you how to reduce stress, release the body of toxins, improve circulation, revitalize energy and balance all systems in the body.

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